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29 Roast Me pictures that Never should have been Posted On The Internet

by Qunki Team | wtf
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The internet is all about memes for this generation and we can't help it when these smart ass pants went on to put their faces all over with roast me tags. We mean you can clearly see what went wrong here.

1. When grandma shows her DIY makeup skills.

2. Someone left a mannequin online or is it from Ebay?

3. Mama June lost weight or got young?

4. Attention seeking chicks these days.

5. So basic, even the T-shirt is plain.

6. Voldermort has a feminine side.

7. Bored at work mate.

8. Scary goth chic be like – Who wanna date me?

9. Justin Beiber got a fat twin brother.

10. When you have to study for the test but want to get viral instead.

11. When you got that beer belly.

12. Sister of Eminem.

13. Really? Looks like dad of two instead.

14. Trying to get on TV, but failed.

15. When pink is all the addiction you have.

16. Hmm.. Can’t decide girl or guy?

17. Baywatch just got a cheaper version.

18. Someone gift him a razor.

19. The face you make when you accidentally upload your real photo on Instagram.

20. Megan Fox got younger or more plastic surgery?

21. When she pretends to be a cool geek.

22. Why would you write on your forehead? Do you forget often?

23. Atleast clean the background first granpa.

24. When you gotta impress her with your smile and silky hair.

25. Too girly to hold a gun.

26. Model with an attitude.

27. When your face resembles a science experiment.

28. The yearbook picture came out effectively.

29. When you want to impress the girls on Instagram by posing with your neighbour’s car.

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